heartHeart is the center of the body, and one of the most functioning body parts. During the occurrence of heart attack, blood that flows to a section of heart muscle gets blocked and that in turn causes a lot of severe problems.

Attack in a heart leads to several critical situations and sometimes it may lead to death. For instance, in case if the blocked blood-flow didn’t come back to its normal position within a certain amount of time, the muscles in the heart becomes damaged due to lack of oxygen.

All over the world people are affected by heart attacks, especially in United States, where heart attacks are one of the leading killers. No matter whether it is men or women, both of them are affected by this fatal disease. Fortunately, we are living in a modern century and science and treatments have improved a lot. That not only helps us to save a lot of our lives but it also prevents us from disabilities.

At the same time treatment should be taken within one hour from the attack for effective result. When you or someone in your family or neighbors has the symptoms of heart attack, keep the emergency number always by hand.

Heart attack mostly happens due to the result of a condition named coronary artery (supply oxygen and blood to the heart from various parts of the body) disease (CAD). There is a fatty membrane named as plaque (plak) that builds inside walls of the coronary arteries that in turn pave way to CAD. Also this plaque raptures and causes the blood clot that form over the surface of the plaque.

In some cases this blood clot becomes larger and it almost has the potential to block the flow of blood and oxygen, which passes through the part of the heart muscle treated by the arteries.

At the time of this attack the blockage in the coronary artery must be treated immediately because there is a chance for the heart muscle to get spoiled if the replacement of the scar tissue doesn’t happen immediately. However, you can’t realize the damage of the heart easily because it is not obvious. Apart from that it may also lead to long-lasting problems.

Some of the severe problems which come after the attack are life-threatening arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) and heart failure. During the period of heart failure people undergo the condition that the heart can’t pump blood throughout the body. Serious life–threatening arrhythmias cause even death in case if not treated immediately.

In United States, 1.1 million people on average are affected by heart attack per year. Among this 1.1 million people more or less half of them face death. Most of these people die just because of very late treatment (treatment that doesn’t happen within one hour from the symptom or attack itself).

CAD plays a significant role in causing attack in a heart and it becomes the leading killer of both men and women. However, there is a chance for perfect recovery if the condition is instantly treated.