Can Teenagers Have Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are possible even at an early age. However, many studies have shown that there is no heart defects found in those cases. Many people think that teenagers can have heart attacks. There were cases where the heart attacks occurred in adolescence. So, we can never predict the exact age of the heart attacks. A number of heart attacks have been reported among children of age from 12 to 20 years and these children have severe chest pains and are diagnosed of heart attack. These symptoms must not be ignored and health provider’s help must be sought. These cases have shown other test as normal.

The first reason for heart attack is the genetic mutation that affects the liver in such a way that it becomes ineffective at removing cholesterol from the blood. This results in very high level of cholesterol in the blood and damage coronary vessels. This may happen at very early age and can cause a heart attack as less blood is transmitted to heart. The second reason is a condition called hypertrophic cardiac myopathy. This is the stage where the heart muscles are grown too much that the ventricles or the empty areas of heart become very small and the heart cannot pump enough blood which causes a heart attack. People find it astonishing and ask that is it real that can teenagers have heart attacks.

Other studies have shown that the teenagers who are very obese are more prone to get heart attacks at the young age because of the high cholesterol levels. Some risk factors are curable, avoidable and can be modified. Theses factors are as follows:

* High Blood Pressure
* Obesity
* High cholesterol
* Smoking
* Physical Inactivity

High Blood Pressure: A fewer number of children in United States of America are suffering from high blood pressure. It is advisable to get the children checked-up for high blood pressures regularly.

Obesity: Obese people have high chances for getting heart attacks. Researches have shown that in United States of America 16% to 33% children are obese which results in other obesity-related issues such as diabetes and heart- problems.

High cholesterol: It has been found in some children that they have high cholesterol levels. This is not very common in children. However, in order to prevent them, you must suggest them to get a plenty of exercise. Light meals are also helpful in bringing the cholesterol down. You must encourage them for controlling weight and daily exercise. This would avoid the questions to arise like can teenagers have heart attacks.

Smoking: Smoking is considered to be one of the causes of heart attacks among children. More than 90,000 people die because of the heart attacks caused by smoking. The more a person smokes, more are the chances for getting heart attacks.

Physical Inactivity: People who do not exercise regularly have the highest chances for getting heart attacks. Due to the lack of physical exercise, there are other risks involved such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. One must exercise daily in order to live a healthy life. Exercises lowers the cholesterol levels, blood pressures and obesity is also controlled with regular exercise. This also reduces the stress levels.

By taking above mentioned measures, one may reduce the chances for heart attacks at younger age and let the percentage of teenagers lessened, for getting heart attacks. People still doubt that can teenagers have heart attacks. The above points explain well that how can they get trapped in the chains of heart issues.