Heart Attack Statistics

Heart attacks are a form of heart disease. Heart attacks statistics reveal that heart attacks are silent killers. They are the major cause of death all over the world in the developed countries. In undeveloped or underdeveloped countries heart attack is ranked third in the statistics of killer diseases.

Heart attacks are actually myocardial infarctions — which means lack or interruption in the blood supply to the heart. Such a lack of blood supply can eventually kill or cause heavy attack. The other amazing heart attack statistics is that more than three million people suffer from coronary disease and every year almost one million suffer heart attacks.

The symptoms of heart attack are chest pain, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, sweating and anxiety. These symptoms occur suddenly. The symptoms differ from men and women. Women experience symptoms like shortness of breath fatigue and pain in the back.

The other type of heart attack is silent heart attack. Here there are no symptoms in a normal heart attack like sweating and chest pain. A silent heart attack can be detected only through an ECG.

Heart Attack in US

The statistics for heart attacks are alarming almost fourteen million Americans suffer from Angina and death occurs within one hour of heart attack. There is a fall in the heart attack cases from 1983 to 1993 by about thirty per cent with no decline in the heart attack cases among women.

Studies have also revealed that heart attack is common on Monday mornings and on Saturday mornings.

Statistics of Men

Heart attacks and disease are the common cause of death for men in US according to Heart attack statistics. Almost 3 million men have died f the disease in 2006. It has almost killed 26% of the men who had the attack. The disease is prevalent in almost all racial and ethnic groups like African Americans, American Indians, Hispanics, and whites. While for Asian American men heart attacks are second killers when compared to cancer.

Heart Attack Statistics among Women

It has been noticed that heart disease is a chief killer among women in US. The main reason for the increase in death rates is due to change in lifestyle and diet. These changes have lead to an increase in the health issues among the population.

Heart attack statistics say that there are one and half million heart attacks in US every year. Out of this nearly five hundred thousand deaths are caused. Every twenty second a heart attack occurs and every minute a person dies of it. It is the cause of sudden death among women.

The mortality rate among women who have heart attack is higher than that of men. Women above the age of 50 are more prone to die to heart attack than men.

Statistics related to risk factors and causes

Heart Attack statistics have revealed that the main cause of heart attack is high blood pressure and diabetes. The main risk factors have been use of nicotine and smoking. The control of the risk factors is known to considerably reduce the heart attacks and deaths arising out of it.

Heart Attacks being a major health risk among the great number of population it becomes essential to control and limit the disease.