How Many People Die from Heart Attacks

Heart is a complex muscular organ in the chest, which has the main function of circulating blood to all organs of the body. In technical terms, heart attack is actually as acute myocardial infarction. It is caused by the deadening of tissues inside heart, which is the cause for the blockage in coronary arteries, which supply blood directly to heart, which resulted in disruption of supply of blood to heart. The people who are suffering from heart attacks need to take immediate medical awareness. If you think that how many people die from heart attacks, then there are many people worldwide, who get heart attacks and get major problems or even carry forward to the way with death.

American Heart Association acclaims that CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) is the main cause for the heart attacks. It has also been undertaken in surveys that 1 out of 5 deaths is caused by heart attacks. National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave a report on how many people die from heart attacks. It is determined that 1.2 million heart attacks occur every year in the people of USA and about 460K amongst these is deadly. There are about 300K people, who loose their lives due to heart attacks, before getting any medical treatment. WHO (World Health Organization) reported that approximately 30% of deaths occur globally because of heart attacks. There is estimation that by the end of 2010, the major cause of deaths in the world will occur due to heart attacks.

It is actually in the hands of human beings to keep away from this fatal disease. The best thing is to keep the immune system perfect. The body has many naturally existing chemicals, which find the protection against the disease. The potential chemical elements in the body include Antioxidants, which are most potential components in our body. Oxidation has been the main cause for heart disease. It may be a noticeable thing to get regular information about how many people die from heart attacks. Oxidation of cholesterol in your blood may make the fatty plaque to reside on artery walls. The naturally occurring antioxidants may include Glutathione. It occurs naturally inside the body and gives advantage to the body for digestion of the eating materials.

One in three people dies within 24 hours. Most of these deaths are sudden, occurring within one hour of onset of symptoms and before reaching hospital, and are often due to dangerous heart rhythms. Heart attacks need to be recognized and treatment has to be made as soon as possible because if the artery has blockage, there is a large probability for the dieing of heart muscle will die within 4-6 hours. The treatment can make reduction for the risk of death and makes prevention long-term complications. You do not have to wait for the treatment, which is less effective. There should be awareness about how many people die from heart attacks. This would make many people to learn about the ways to control the heart attacks and take the immediate steps, if they get any symptoms of heart attacks or see someone facing these situations.