Life After a Heart Attack

Heart attacks have become a major health risk in almost all parts of the world. You name it and there is a measure taken by healthcare providers to prevent or reduce the heart attack cases in their country. But what one fails to understand is that there is life after a heart attack too.

Anyone who has had a heart attack wants to live life to its fullest even after an attack. The best way to reduce the damage to heart muscles would be to get treatment and help very soon after the heart attack. The quality of life is bound to improve after a heart attack.

Have a Medical Follow-up
There is requirement for treatment of coronary artery disease after the heart attack. This measure is to prevent a heart attack. During the treatment the most important factor is to prevent another attack, this increases your quality of life after a heart attack.

Your doctor may recommend the following changes to help you lead a good quality life after a heart attack. They are lifestyle changes, medicines and a cardiac rehabilitation programme.

The lifestyle changes include healthy diet, increased physical activity, quitting of smoking and loss of weight. Medicines are recommended to those who had a heart attack to control the chest discomfort or pain, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and the workload of the heart. A good cardiac rehabilitation program will help you lead a good life after a heart attack.

Return to Normal Activities
Those who have had a heart attack should ensure that they do not have discomfort, chest pain or other complications when they want to return to the normal activities. Returning to normal activities can be done within weeks after a heart attack. Some patients can even begin to walk immediately. Doctors recommend involvement in sexual activity after a few weeks for most of the patients. Your doctor is the best person who will be able to tell you about the schedule for return to normal activities.

Driving also can be resuming within weeks of recovery. Some states have some rules related to those driving after a serious illness. Those who do not have any complications like chest pain or discomfort can easily resume driving.

Anxiety and Depression after a Heart Attack
People who have had a heart attack find it difficult to adjust to the new life after heart attack. They often feel depressed. For such people who are depressed your doctor may recommend professional counseling or some medicines that helps them out of their depression or anxiety. The mental well being of the person can be improved through physical activity. Any type of physical activities like exercise should be started only after consultation with your doctor.

Risk of a Repeat Heart Attack
Those who have already had a heart attack are at a higher risk to get another attack. To be very careful you need to know the correct difference between an angina and a real heart attack. While an angina usually remains for a few minutes, the heart attack pain is more severe and remains till you take medicine or rest.
It is also essential to remember the symptoms of the heart attack may not be similar to the first one. Always take help in case you cannot identify a heart attack. Some heart attack patients wait for an hour or two before getting medical help. This delay may cause damage to heart muscles or even death.

Life after heart attack is most fulfilling if you follow all the diet restrictions, lifestyle changes and medication given by your doctor. Make your life pleasant.