Signs of a Mild Heart Attack

Heart Attack- a really serious issue among all those who get it and it should always be treated by a medical expert. Generally the signs of a mild heart attack are not as severe as a typical heart attack. The symptoms are different for both men and women. Identification and awareness of the signs of a mild heart attack are very necessary. Once you know the warning signs you can get help immediately.

How to identify a mild heart attack?

Normally mild heart attacks have very less symptoms; some do not have any symptoms at all. Regular checkups become very important to detect the signs of a mild heart attack. Heart diseases start with the signs of angina. Angina is chest pain which is similar to a heart attack. It is caused by lack of oxygen to the heart muscles. But in Angina the blood supply is restored very quickly so permanent damage to the heart muscles is prevented. The pain in an angina subsides very quickly. There is no pain in the arms, jaw and back. The signs of a mild heart attack are often mistaken for a heart burn. Often many people cannot understand what is wrong during a mild heart attack.

Avoid Misconceptions

Men very usually get chest pain during a heart attack. The symptom is not the same for women. Women normally have symptoms like vomiting nausea, indigestion and fatigue. It is very difficult to recognize the heart attack in women. They are not given the same medical treatment as they do not have typical symptoms.

The signs of a mild heart attack never are ignored. The longer the wait for medical help, the harder it becomes to treat the signs of a mild heart attack.


Only a medical expert can exactly identify a mild heart attack. Sometimes it requires some tests like electrocardiogram. It helps to identify the electrical activity of the heart – whether it is disrupted or not. Even some cases blood tests to identify the level of enzymes are also required. Some doctors even recommend Cheat X-rays and stress tests to confirm a mild heart attack. These tests will enable you to identify the damage to the heart muscle and any abnormal heart rhythms.

Solution to prevent heart attack

It is very essential to understand that a mild heart attack can be easily prevented. You need to make some changes in your lifestyle like balanced diet, increased physical activity, and keeping stress levels to the optimum. It is also very necessary to avoid smoking and drinking as they are the killers in the case of heart attacks.

A regular check up to help you identify the cholesterol levels and blood pressure can help your doctor predict whether you are likely to get a heart attack. The “silent killer” the heart disease can be easily prevented. The signs of a mild heart attack are only the beginning of the long path of heart disease which can sometimes cripple your life.