Silent Heart Attack

A heart attack is a very serious and a very sudden condition which occurs when a section of the heart does not receive blood. This lack of blood flow can cause heart tissue to die. Heart Attacks can range from mild to severe affecting areas both small and large areas of the heart. Almost always heart attack are life threatening and require immediate attention.

Silent Heart Attacks can happen to any one but people most likely to experience Silent Heart Attacks are those that have had a prior heart attack, to those who suffer from diabetes, men or women of age above 65 who are prone to stroke.

The best way to identify such disease is through careful study of medical history, ECG and testing blood for cardiac enzymes. The most important treatment of Silent Heart Attacks is restoring the blood flow to heart. Silent Heart Attacks can include following symptoms:

– Discomfort in your chest, arms or jaws that seems to go away after resting.
– Shortness of Breath and tiring easily.

These two are the common complaints of the visitors in the emergency room but oddly many heart attack victims also reports a feeling of overwhelming doom just before an attack.

The symptoms that can be seen when Silent Heart Attack occurs are generally low and they just pass on without notice and hence not taken seriously and neither they are treated. Because of this carelessness the Silent Heart Attack sometimes is referred as silent killer. A slight pain in the chest which gives a feeling of that someone is squeezing the heart and feeling hard to breathe, such symptoms generally subside after taking some rest. If you feel continuous disturbance in your sleep and have a feel of blackouts or fatigue, these two are also considered as important symptoms of Silent Heart Attack. Therefore if you feel even a slight of any of these you should make you should be alert and should attend yourself immediately.

Unending pain in the abdomen can also be considered as the symptom of Silent Heart Attack. You also tend to feel dizzy and nausea tic which may also lead you to continue vomiting, these are also considered to be the sever symptoms.

Generally people who are diabetic patients come under the risky zone of Silent Heart Attack. Others with some heart disease like high cholesterol and high blood pressure also falls in the similar zone. Beside these if you are obsessed with smoking and drinking with no control on it and if you are over weight such facts also increases the risk of Silent Heart Attack. The treatment to the patient of Silent Heart Attack is similar to the ones who are suffering from general Heart Attack.

So chest pain, which is generally termed as the most common symptom of a heart attack, may not be necessarily present in the case of a Silent Heart Attack. Therefore any symptom related to that of a heart attack should be properly checked, to avoid any serious complications. In addition to proper and better treatment, changes in the lifestyle are also essential to control the risk factors of Silent Heart Attack. Therefore, controlling diabetes and tension and avoiding smoking, eating a healthy diet containing fresh vegetables and fruits, regular exercise and controlling the level of blood cholesterol can be effective in ignoring the high risk of Silent Heart Attack.