What Causes a Heart Attack

In the recent times, the number of patients complaining about heart problems has increased. The figure has increased to a great extent in the past few years. Today, it is very common to find to a patient with heart trouble anywhere and everywhere. What causes a heart attack can be easily understood if you take a bit of interest in your health. The number of people dying because of heart attacks has rapidly shot up, as there are many who do not take the causes of the attack seriously. It is the main reason behind sudden deaths of people all over the world.

Many times a healthy looking man or woman suddenly collapses while doing his/her regular exercise and the reason is not known by the people around. The reason is that the people may not be aware of what causes a heart attack. They do not realize that the person has collapsed due to a heart attack. To many people, it is a puzzle that is not solved as to what causes a heart attack? One may never even realize that he/she may die suddenly even when he/she has taken due or the best care of his/her health. Many people are not aware about the exact reason for heart attacks.

In the past few years some of the best-known athletes of the world have faced sudden deaths because of the heart disorders. Heart is one of the most important organs in our body. And it is the only one that has many mysteries in its account. To understand the working of a heart, take it as a machine that is regulating our blood flow and helping us survive. It is that tank of blood that pumps and sends blood to the various organs through different routes set in the body. There are certain arteries and veins that surround the heart and when they face the problem of blood clotting, they restrict the flow of blood to the heart and this result in heart attack. This also restricts the supply of oxygen to the heart. In this situation of blood clotting, the arteries are ruptured.

There are symptoms to detect that a person is facing heart attack but what causes a heart attack is not much clear. We can definitely try to avoid it to by taking preventive measures with our eating habits and by maintaining a systematic way of lifestyle. It makes a lot of difference as to what you eat. What we eat makes up the cholesterol in our body. And this cholesterol only gets accumulated in the veins and arteries and result in blocking the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. The cholesterol forms a plaque that is actually due to accumulation of fluids. It is formed in the arteries and widens it. This results in stopping the flow of blood and ultimately heart attack.

Scientifically we can know what causes a heart attack but these causes do not satisfy our question, as we still do not know have the answers about how this plaque, a fluid gets hard and blocks the flow.